Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Don't Get Oilers' Fans

It was early this morning, just after 1am, and I was just chilling, watching my incredibles. And I can still hear the occasional honk honk, but then I hear some yelling. Now for anyone who doesn't know, the oilers lost the game last night. They lost, yet these fans are still going rabid. It was quiet for a second, but the honking shortly followed the game. It wasn't quite as crazy as before, but it was still there. So in a way, I give half kudos to oilers fans as they cheer for their team win or lose. Or maybe they're just dumb. Let's give them the benefit of a doubt that they're just h-core (some of them).
Anyways, back to my story. Just across the street I see these gorgeous streaks of colour, then i hear this big POP sound. FIREWORKS. Yes, just across the street someone's going all out with their fireworks. The festivities continued, and even when I went to bed at 2something, I could still hear some slurred speech going on outside. Not to mention the construction they've been doing this past week, when I woke up/woke me up this morning. Oh joy.

But I was a little curious as to all the extra people on jasper ave last night, and I suppose they've really cracked down on whyte since the game 5 win against the ducks (pictured right). And Saturday was a wild 397 arrests, some for no particular reason. Some pretty brutal police action. I know there's some good cops in Edmonton, don't get me wrong, but i feel there are some pretty corrupt police officers, who really enjoy giving out the pain. the popo are just nuts. definitely don't want to mess with them. but i suppose after weeks of OT and long hours, I'd be pretty grumpy too.

All in all, what can i take from this lesson? perhaps I can be abstract and say, I can be like an oiler fan, in the sense that I'll follow in the good times and the bads. Instead of the oilers though, I'll follow God. So I'll be a hardcore God fan to such extremes as being arrested for no reason, jumping through fires, and cheering for Him win or lose (even though he ultimately win). When I'm sad, glad, mad, or rad, I'll still be rooting for the Big Guy. But makes me wonder. Am I more excited about a hockey team (the Canucks) or tennis player (Marat Safin) than I am about God? I don't cheer THAT often for God, do I? maybe that should change. just walk through the streets of edmonton yelling "GO JESUS GO!" then give people high fives. So perhaps, next time you see me, remind me by doing that, and I'll chime in.